Close to the Bone Publishing

Nightside: Tales of Outré Noir
Death Answers (Short Story)
Voyeur (Short Story)

Gutter Books

Coming Through in Waves: Crime Fiction Inspired by Pink Floyd
Mother (Short Story)

Moonhawk Publishing

Cosmic Feline
Pilot Episode (Screenplay – In Production)

Starship Moonhawk
Karma Mrrrkelis (Character Concept and design)
Surrender: A Starship Moonhawk Story (Comic / Screenplay)
Survivor (Screenplay – In Production)

Onyx Path Publishing

Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition
Forgotten Ones and Forbidden Orders (Pre-Order Available)

Titans Rising (Kickstarted Aug 29, 2023)
Mythic Shards (Developer)

They Came From [CLASSIFIED]!
They Came From [CLASSIFIED]! Core Rulebook (April 17, 2024)

They Came From!
They Came From the Danger Zone! (Supplement for They Came From! – Preorder)
They Came From Beyond the Grave! Tasty Bit – Don’t Open the Gates! (April 26, 2023)
They Came From.. the RPG Anthology! (Pre-Order Available)

They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave!
They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave! Core Rulebook (April 10, 2024)
They Came from Witchford Academy! (TBA)

Trinity Continuum: Aether
Trinity Continuum: Aether Core Rulebook (Pre-Order Available)
The Aethernaut Collection (Pre-Order Available)

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant
Hated and Feared (TBA)
From Shadows (TBA)
Best at What I do (TBA)

Trinity Continuum: Aegis
Trinity Continuum: Aegis Core Rulebook (Pre-Order Available)

Trinity Continuum: Assassins
“Rat in a Burning Cage” (Now Available!)

EarthBane Cycle
World Below Core Book (Ashcan out Now!Crowdfunded)
At the Gates (Ashcan out Now! – Crowdfunding Summer 2024)
World Below: Enter the Dungeon (Jumpstart-TBD)

1 Projects Under Development

Pink Panties Productions
The Lavenders
First Kiss Act 1 (Comic / Motion Comic Screenplay)
First Kiss Act 2 (Comic / Motion Comic Screenplay)
First Kiss Act 3 (Comic / Motion Comic Screenplay)

Screaming Eye Press / Studio HnH

Horrible Little Stories (Anthology)
A Slip of Black Lace (Short Story)

Touching the Abyss
The Eight of Swords (Comic)
The Devil (Comic)
The Lovers (Comic)
Only Demons Walk Beside Us (TPB of Ch 1-3)

Twisted Pulp Magazine
Issue #10 – Voyeur (Short Story – reprint)

Rumble Magazine (Anthology)
Ruined Chances (Short Story)
Falling Into Darkness (Short Story)

Shattered Universe Comics/ Studio HnH

Song of Asteria
Song of Hope (Comic)
A Discordant Note (Comic)
Dance of Swords (Comic)

Shotgun Honey

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE: Crime Fiction Incited by the Songs of The Talking Heads
Crosseyed and Painless (Short Story) – (Pre-order: Coming April 22, 2024)

Studio HnH

Misc. Personal Projects
A Sword Hidden in Cherry Blossoms (Webnovel)
Guardian Demon (Webnovel)
Nikola (Short Story – Amazon | DriveThru Fiction | Audible)
Re: Dragon – Burn With Me (Webnovel)
Rise: The Ardent Souls (In Development)
Waking Into Reality (Comic – On Hiatus)


Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
Never Let an Elf Steal Your Heart