Close to the Bone Publishing

Nightside: Tales of Outré Noir
Death Answers (Short Story)
Voyeur (Short Story)

Gutter Books

Coming Through in Waves: Crime Fiction Inspired by Pink Floyd
Mother (Short Story)

Moonhawk Publishing

Cosmic Feline
Pilot Episode (Screenplay – In Production)

Starship Moonhawk
Karma Mrrrkelis (Character Concept and design)
Surrender: A Starship Moonhawk Story (Comic / Screenplay)
Survivor (Screenplay – In Production)

Onyx Path Publishing

They Came From [CLASSIFIED]!
They Came From [CLASSIFIED]! Core Rulebook (Pre-Order Available)

They Came From!
They Came From the Danger Zone! (Supplement for They Came From! – Preorder)
They Came From Beyond the Grave! Tasty Bit – Don’t Open the Gates! (April 26, 2023)
They Came From.. the RPG Anthology! (Kickstaring May 25, 2023)

They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave!
They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave! Core Rulebook (Pre-Order Available)
They Came from Witchford Academy! (TBA)

Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition
Forgotten Ones and Forbidden Orders (Pre-Order Available)

Trinity Continuum: Aether
Trinity Continuum: Aether Core Rulebook (Pre-Order Available)
The Aethernaut Collection (Pre-Order Available)

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant
Hated and Feared (TBA)
From Shadows (TBA)
Best at What I do (TBA)

Trinity Continuum: Aegis
Trinity Continuum: Aegis Core Rulebook (TBD)

Trinity Continuum: Assassins
Assassins VTT Scenario (TBD)

World Below
World Below Core Book (TBD)

3 Projects Under Development

Pink Panties Productions

The Lavenders
First Kiss Act 1 (Comic / Motion Comic Screenplay)
First Kiss Act 2 (Comic / Motion Comic Screenplay)
First Kiss Act 3 (Comic / Motion Comic Screenplay)

Screaming Eye Press / Studio HnH

Horrible Little Stories (Anthology)
A Slip of Black Lace (Short Story)

Touching the Abyss
The Eight of Swords (Comic)
The Devil (Comic)
The Lovers (Comic)
Only Demons Walk Beside Us (TPB of Ch 1-3)

Twisted Pulp Magazine
Issue #10 – Voyeur (Short Story – reprint)

Rumble Magazine (Anthology)
Ruined Chances (Short Story)
Falling Into Darkness (Short Story)

Shattered Universe Comics/ Studio HnH

Song of Asteria
Song of Hope (Comic)
A Discordant Note (Comic)
Dance of Swords (Comic)

Studio HnH

Misc. Personal Projects
A Sword Hidden in Cherry Blossoms (Webnovel)
Guardian Demon (Webnovel)
Nikola (Short Story – Amazon | DriveThru Fiction | Audible)
Re: Dragon – Burn With Me (Webnovel)
Rise: The Ardent Souls (In Development)
Waking Into Reality (Comic – On Hiatus)


Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
Never Let an Elf Steal Your Heart